Herman Beitner in the German Army during World War I

This is a picture of my father, Herman Beitner, when he was in the Prussian Army during World War I. I don’t know who the other soldiers are. Father is second from the right. The photo was taken in Hammerstein, Germany, in 1915.

I remember how Mother told me that she waited seven years, because during World War I Father was in the Prussian Army. He only married my mother after he was discharged from the army.

So he was in the army between 1914 and 1918, and I think they got married in 1919, because my brother, Natan, was born in 1921 and I was born in 1922.

Irena Wygodzka in a DP camp in Germany

This picture of me was taken in 1946 in Jordanbad, Germany, in a ‘displaced persons’ camp. In this picture I’m dressed in a costume made of a blanket. In the first months after the war it was so hard to get nice new clothes.

After we left the camp in Horejsi Stare Mesto I went to Salzburg for some time. Together with my ac and sisters, because we didn't know where to go, we wanted to go to Israel.

Franek Goldsztain

This is a picture of Franek Goldsztajn, he was the boyfriend of my friend from gymnasium, Rutka Reichman.

Franek sent me this picture after the war, he survived the war. The photo was taken in Karlstadt, Germany, in 1946.

My other friends died during the war: Mala Lobel, Rutka Reichman. When we were in gymnasium this Rutka was really in love with Franek Goldsztain.

We were very young, maybe 17 years old and it wasn't popular then for young people to carry on like that, they were like a marriage. But nobody condemned them much.

Letter to Ferenc Deutsch´s 2nd wife concerning Holocaust compensation

This is a letter that my second wife received concerning Holocaust compensation.

Her name was Sarolta Holstein. She had been born in Esztergom. Her parents had divorced, and her aunt and grandmother had taken her in and raised her. She was learning to be a hairdresser.

She went to Auschwitz when she was nineteen together with her grandmother and aunt. Mengele sent the old lady to the gas chamber, the aunt to work and took my wife to the experiment lager.

Death notification of Rakhil Vilenskaya

This is an official notification, registration number 85926, issued by the International Red Cross, the International Search Service, containing an excerpt from documents regarding former concentration camps.

Which states that Rakhil Vilenskaya (the papers indicated her last name as Vilenski, in French manner), born in 1880, who lives at 8, Rue de Prague, Paris was received at the concentration camp

"Ñombined in Pitivye" with a "Jewess" category (brand) and was transferred to Auschwitz (Osventsym) concentration camp on 20-21st September 1942.

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Students will explore the concept of “Forgiveness” while studying the Holocaust. Using a Centropa Film and the book “The Sunflower: On The Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness," students will explore their own attachment to “home” and the existential question of “Would you forgive if someone took what was dearest to you away?”


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