Zinaida Turovskaya’s grandmother Tsylia Gorodetskaya

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This is Tsylia Gorodetskaya, my grandmother on my mother's side. This photo was made in Radomyshl around 1900.

My grandmother's name was Tsylia (my mother's mother). I don't know her nee name. I guess, my grandmother and grandmother were born approximately in 1870-1875s. Grnadmother Tsylia came from a rather well-to-do family. Her father was a teacher of matheatics in the Jewish school. But this wasn't the main source of their living. They had a farm where they had a cow and chicken, etc. My grandmother's father had workers to look after the farm. Their family also had housemaids to do the housework. My grandmother Tsylia must have had brothers and sisters, but my mother didn't know them. Grandmother Tsylia had some education: she finished school in Radomyshl. My grandmother was a housewife. Their family also kept a cow, chicken and geese. She took care of the farmyard and the house.

My grandmother stayed at home on Saturday most of the time. Sabbath was a rule at the house. My grandfather Nusim kept the family budget and always gave money for food in advance. On Saturday they always had stuffed fish, chicken and confectioneries on the table. My mother baked bread (hala) by herself. Åóí äøå the candles on Friday for Sabbath.

My grandmother Tsylia was the center and the heart of the family. She managed to do everything takig care of her family. All this good living finished at once when my grandmother died from a heart attack when she was almost 40 years old. This happened approximately in 1915.

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