Maya Pivovar’s aunt Fania Freidman

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My mother's sister Fania Freidman. This photo was taken at the dacha of Fania's acquaintances near Kiev and she gave it to my parents for the memory, 1960.

My mother came from a small town of Narodichi [about 150 km from Kiev] Kiev region. My grandfather's name was Boruch-Benicion Freidman. He was born in 1878. My grandmother Malka Freidman was born in 1876. They had nine children: three sons and six daughters.

My mother's sister Fania Freidman, born in 1910, also left Narodichi some time in the 1920s. Se went to work at the knitwear factory in Kiev. She was a common worker there. Later she entered and finished the extramural Faculty of Economics of the Textile college. She was chief of the planning department of the knitwear factory. She was single. She died in Kiev in 1990.

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Interviewee: Maya Pivovar
Oksana Kuntsevskaya
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Kiev, Ukraine
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