Toman Brod with his friend

This photograph was taken in the summer of 1948 on a farm in Hostimice near Prague, where I was spending summer holidays with my friend Jiri Vidensky, who is with me in the picture.

When I returned home after the war, I basically didn't have anyone here, none of my pre-war friends.

So I hung around a lot with a friend of my brother's, his name was Josef Engst and we spent almost every day together, we played chess and so on... Josef introduced me to his other friends, we used to go out together, to social events, on various trips.

Toman Brod with his brother Hanus on summer vacation

This photo was taken in 1937 in Libverda, and on it are my brother Hanus and I. We used to spend our summer holidays at the summer house in Libverda.

In the summer we used to go to a summer house. If I remember correctly, in the beginning it was only around Prague, when I was a small child we used to for example go to Revnice.

Store of Alois Brod in Vrdy-Bucice

This is a photo of my grandfather Alois Brod's store as it looked maybe still during the time of Austria-Hungary, perhaps shortly after the creation of the Czechoslovak Republic.

The store was located in Vrdy-Bucice near Caslav, and in fact when I went there long after the war to have a look, the building was still there, and you could see my grandfather's name on it. Now it's of course redone. They used to sell mixed goods.

Olga Brodova in the shop of her father-in-law

This is my mother and part of the interior of my grandfather's store in Vrdy-Bucice in Caslav region; the photo shows what it looked like inside sometime during the 1920s.

My grandfather had a mixed-goods store. For sure it was a very large store, maybe the largest in the region. A person could find almost everything here.

From candies, through various fabrics, shoes, up to maybe tools. You can after all see that on the photo, for example just that selection of fabrics must have been huge...

Toman Brod with his brother Hanus

This is me and my brother Hanus as small children. The photo was taken in the Langhans photo studio in Prague in 1931. My brother is four and I'm two.

I think that my brother and I were this normal pair. Sometimes we fought like cats and dogs, like all siblings sometimes fight or egg each other on.

But we of course also played ping-pong together, soccer, went swimming in the summer, skated, I really do think that we were a normal pair.

Hanus Brod

This is my brother Hanus Brod. He was two years older than me and this photo was taken when he was one year old, so in 1928, in the famous Langhans photo studio in Prague.

For sure he had a better disposition, for I was a terrible, annoying child. I was a poor loser, even today, when I lose at chess, it bothers me, but if in those days I for example lost in some children's sport competition, I was really a very unpleasant child.

Toman Brod with his brother and mother in the mountains

This is me, my brother Hanus and our mother Olga Brodova.

The picture was taken in 1935 in the Krkonose Mountains, in Harrachov.

I think that about three times a year, for Christmas, during Spring break and at Easter, we used to go to the mountains.

Our father would say: you're pale, you're city children, at least once in a while you have to have mountain air, you have to go skiing. So we would go to the mountains.

Toman Brod with his brother and governess out for a walk

This photograph, from the year 1937, was also taken on Palacky Bridge, spanning the Vltava in Prague, nearby our former home.

So on this photo we're going for a walk on the bridge, and the governess is saying to us, come on boys, don't fight, there's a photographer!!

Once again, on it are I (on the right), my brother Hanus and our governess. Once again we were being photographed by a photographer that walked about Prague, took pictures of passers-by and then sold them the pictures.

Toman Brod with his brother and governess out for a walk

This photograph was taken in 1937 on Palacky Bridge in Prague.

This one photographer who used to photograph passers-by used to wander around on this bridge, they could then buy the pictures from him. On the photo are our governess, I and my brother Hanus.

The place where the photograph was taken is not far from our home, at that time we lived on Palackeho Nabrezi.

The building that can be seen on the right side doesn't stand there today, it was bombed during air raids on Prague during the war. Now in its place stands the famous Dancing House.

Arnost Brod

This is a photograph of my father taken in Frantiskove Lazne [Franzensbad], where he was in 1933 for a curative stay.

My father used to visit Frantiskove Lazne regularly for treatment of his urological problems.

My father worked as a grain wholesaler. He used to go to the country, where he bought grain from farmers, and in Prague sold it on the commodities exchange.


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