Zinaida Turovskaya’s father's cousins

My father's cousins. He had quite a few cosins living in Poland. I don't know their names. Phot made in Poland around 1910.

My father's name was David Yarovskiy. I know very little about his family. Perhaps, my parents got so much attracted by each other because they both lost their parents. My father's mother died very young. My father was born in 1906 in a town in Poland. I think it was Lodz.

Ilia Rozenfeld’s grandmother and grandfather Wolfenfeld Iona

My grandmother and grandfather Wolfenfeld. This photo was taken in Zamost'ye, Poland, approximately in the 1930s. They are wearing traditional Jewish clothes: my grandfather has a suit and a white shirt with a tie on and he is wearing a kippah, and my grandmother is wearing her everyday dress. This is an amateur photo.

Asta Pekker’s great grandmother, Shwartzman and her grandfather's sister - Rosa Shwartzman

My great grandmother, on my mother's side, Shwartzman (I don't remember her name) and my grandfather's sister on my mother's side - Rosa Shwartzman. The picture was taken in Warsaw in 1907.

I remember my granny Lisa. I loved her dearly. I remember her when she was about 50, and she was still very beautiful. I didn't meet anyone from her family. As for my grandfather's (Pyotr Borisovich Shwartzman) family, we only had a picture of his mother, my great grandmother, whose name I cannot remember, unfortunately, and of his sister Rosa Shwartzman.


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