Zinaida Turovskaya and her husband Abram Turovskiy

My husband Abram Turovskiy and I, Zinaida Turovskaya (Yarovskaya). Photo made in Kiev in 1962.

After studying 7 years at school I went to work at the hat factory. I was an apprentice there. I didn't work there long. I went to the "Progress" shop store - they made hats there, too. I learned to make very beautiful women's hats. I became a Komsomol member in the shop and was the leader of the Komsomol unit for 7 years. I was finishing my studies in the evening school of working young people.

Zinaida Turovskaya’s class

This is my class and I. Photo made in 1953, the year of Stalin's death. I am the one standing on the left in the upper row.

My nee name is Yarovskaya. I was born in Kiev in 1937. I left this town only once - during World War II. I was born on 4 February 1937. Although I was the 4th child in the family my parents were still young: my mother was 32 and my father was 31.

I don't remember the day of 22 June 1941 when the war began. I was 4 years old.

Zinaida Turovskaya’s mother's brother Gershko Gorodetskiy's family

This is my mother's brother Gershko Gorodetskiy's family: he and his wife Manya, his older daughter tsylia and two younger children. Photo made in Kiev in the middle of 1930s. Manya and her two children persihed in the babiy Yar. Gershko perished on the front. Only his older daughter Tsylia survived (standing on the right).

Zinaida Turovskaya’s grandfather Nusim Gorodetskiy and his 2nd wife Hava

This is my grandfather Nusim Gorodetskiy and his 2nd wife Hava. This photo was made in Radomyshl in the early 1920s. My mother was born in 1905 in the family of Nusim Gorodetsliy (a shoemaker) in the town of Radomyshl, Kiev province. Grandfather Nusim came from a poor Jewish family. I have no information about his parents. My grandfather studied in the Jewish school for 3 or 4 years. He was a very good shoemaker. He made men's, women's and children's shoes. Sometimes people didn't have money to pay for the shoes and they brought him a dozen eggs or some millet.


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