Natalia Zilberman with her son Leonid Zilberman and husband's sister Manya with her daughter Talka

From left to right: upper row - Talka (born in 1936), the daughter of my husband's sister Manya and I, Natalia Zilberman, lower row - Manya (my husband's older sister, born in 1908) and my son Leonid Zilberman. Photo made at a photo shop in Shevchenko Blvd., Kiev, 1948. I am 30 years old, Manya is 40; we are photographed with our children.

Natalia Zilberman’s mother Anna Milimevker’s family

From left to right: upper row - Sonia Gologorskaya (Joseph's wife), my mother Anna Milimevker, Lisa Gologorskaya, Joseph's daughter and my mother's brother Aron Gologorskiy; lower row, from left to right: my mother's brother Naum Gologorskiy, Joseph's daughter Milia Gologorskaya and my mother's sister Clara Gutbers. Photo made in Tarascha in 1911 at Joseph's 45th birthday.

Natalia Zilberman’s mother Anna Milimevker, father Duvid Milimevker, grandmother Gitl Gologorskaya, uncle Joseph's wife Sonia Gologorskaya

Standing: on the left - my mother Anna Milimevker, on the right - my father Duvid Milimevker, sitting: left - my mother's mother Gitl Gologorskaya, right - Sonia Gologorskaya (Joseph's wife). Photo made at my grandmother's 60th birthday in Nemirov in 1904.


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