Efim Zhornitskiy with his family and grandchildren

This is me and my family and grandchildren. The first man on the left is Slava Bravermann, my older daughter Emma’s husband. I am standing next to him, next to me my wife Julia and my daughters Svetlana and Emma. In the front are my three grandchildren Igor, Natasha and Dima. The photo was made in Tulchin in 1992 when I went to visit my home town.

Efim Zhornitskiy with his own family and his brother Vladimir Zhornitskiy with his wife Fira Shornitskaya

My family and my brother with his wife. My brother's wife Fira is the first on the left, my brother Vladimir is next to her, then comes my daughter Emma, I and my wife Julia. The photo was taken in Odessa in 1953 when my brother and his wife visited us.

Efim Zhornitskiy’s family

My family. Standing from left to right are I, my brother Boris and my other brother Vladimir. Sitting from left to right are my father Shoil, my older brother Leo and my mother Sosia. This photo was made in Tulchin in 1940. We were photographed on the occasion of my and Vladimir’s coming home for the vacation to Tulchin.

Vladimir worked in the printing house and studied in a trade school for workers. He finished it when he turned 17. In 1937 he entered the Faculty of Chemistry of the Dnepropetrovsk University.

Efim Zhornitskiy’s parents Shoil Zhornitskiy and Sosia Zhornitskaya

My parents Shoil Zhornitskiy and Sosia Shornitskaya. This photo was made in Tulchin in 1914 on the occasion of their wedding.

My father Shoil Zhornitskiy was born in 1888. After finishing cheder (they learned Torah and Talmud in cheder and that was all) he became an apprentice for a furniture upholsterer. My father was very qualified. He restored furniture at the mansion of the counts Pototskiy and Sheremetiev My father met my mother at his sister Pesia's wedding in 1904 when he was 16.

Efim Zhornitskiy’s mother Sosia Zhornitskiy’s family

This is the family of my mother Sosia Zhornitskiy. Standing from left to right: my mother's sisters Rachel, Zlota, Molka and my mother's brother Volka Portnoy. Sitting from left to right: my mother Sosia, my great grandmother Slava Shneiderman, my mother's sister Myndia, my grandmother Etl Portnaya, my grandfather Leib Portnoy and my mother's brothers Haim and Berl Portnoy. The photo was taken in Tulchin in 1914.

Elizabeth Waiser

I, Elizabeth Waiser, nee Braverman. Photo made for my passport in Chernovtsy in 2000.

In 1970s many Jews were moving from the USSR and my husband and I were thinking about it. We decided to stay. We were born here and grew up in this country. Members of or family were buried here. We decided to stay and live our life here. Not all Jews live in Israel. Of course, it was our dream to visit Israel, but we could never afford it.


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