Evgenia Wainshtock’s parents: Miron Wainshtock and Leibe Wainshtock

My parents: Miron Wainshtock and Leibe Wainshtock on their wedding anniversary in Kiev in 1930s.

My parents met each other somewhere in a park in Bessarabka in 1930. My mother was so pretty. My father was a very handsome man. He had blue eyes and fair hair. They got married in 3 months after they met They had a plain civil ceremony.

Evgenia Wainshtock’s father Miron Wainshtok

My father Miron Wainshto in 1924 in Kiev.

My father Miron Wainshtock was born in Nemirov, Kharkov region (in about 400 km from Kiev) in 1900. My mother told me that his parents died of cholera when he was 8. My father had two sisters. When their parents died the girls went to their distant relatives' families. All I know is that their father's name was Jacob. My father worked at the forestry after his parents died. After my father graduated from Kiev military engineering school (about 1929) served in the Red army in Kiev.

Evgenia Wainshtock’s mother Leibe Haitina

My mother Leibe Haitina on her birthday in 1927 in Kiev.

My mother Leibe was born in 1908 and was the younger in family. She finished a grammar school in Kiev. I know no details about her childhood. She also finished Kiev Pedagogical College. Although her parents were very religious she didn't observe any religious traditions. She had Ukrainian, Russian and Jewish friends. My mother often went for walks in Kreschatik (Editor's note: Kreschatik is the main street of Kiev), to the Jewish theater and to the cinema with them.

Evgenia Wainshtock’s grandparents - Morduch Haitin and Riva-Haika Haitina

My grandparents - Morduch Haitin and Riva-Haika Haitina (nee - Gershovich) on their wedding anniversary I have no information about when my grandparents got married exactly.
My grandmother on my mother's side Riva-Haika Haitina, nee Gershovich, was born in Kiev in late 1870s. She didn't have any education, but she could read and write and knew many prayers by heart. All I know is that her parents lived in Mikhailovskaya Street (Editor's note: center of Kiev).

Evgenia Wainshtock Biography

Evgenia Wainshtock with friendsKiev, Ukraine

Evgenia Wainshtock
Interviewer: Oksana Kuntsevskaya

Evgenia Wainshtock is a short 71-year old woman looking older. She lives with her daughter and granddaughter in 3-room apartment near the center of the town. Evgenia’s daughter is divorced and Evgenia has to work, because her daughter cannot provide for their family. She also does all housework and shopping. Evgenia is not very happy about their situation, but she is a cheerful person. She enjoys being interviewed although she has refused to answer some questions. ​


Lubov Vainer’s son Lyonia Wainer

My son Lyonechka Vainer, a young violinist. He is 6 years old.

Lyonia finished music school and entered music college named after Gluier. After the college he was summoned to come to the registry office as he was supposed to go to the army. They sent him to the navy division to become a military sailor. I went to the commissar to ask him to send Lyonia to an orchestra, because he was a musician. But that commissar got angry with me and said that Lyonia would serve where he was sent.


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