Lubov Vaianer’s father Leizer-Gersh Broide

My father Leizer-Gersh Broide, stonemason.

My father Leizer-Gersh Broide was born in the small Jewish town of Troyanov near Zhytomir in 1889. He was born in a common Jewish religious family that had many children. I don't know my father mother's name or anything about her family. She died in Troyanov in 1915 when she was 60 years old. I have never seen her. All I know is that she got married when she was 15, she was very religious and had 12 children. Only six of them survived. My father's father Shaya, born in 1860, was a very religious and shy man too.

Lubov Vainer’s first husband Mordko Wainer

My first husband Mordko Vainer.

My husband was born in May 1911 too. His father Shaya Elevich, a shoemaker, lived in Berdichevskaya street in Zhytomir. Their family was rather wealthy and moderately religious. His mother Sura-Leya, a Jew, died from a disease in 1920. I never saw her. They had three sons: Grisha, Efim and Mordko. All 3 sons of this shoemaker from Zhytomir were very handsome, slim and tall. They finished the Jewish secondary school and became sailors.

Faina Volper with her friends

Faina Volper (second on the right) and my friends from Hesed at the literature club in Hesed. On my right is Seraphima Gurevich, a doctor from Hesed. Photo made in Chernovtsy in 2000.

My husband and I celebrated all Jewish holidays, even though I grew up an atheist. School propaganda had its impact on my outlooks. However, my mother inspired love of Jewish traditions in me and I understand that it is my identity. My husband never cared about traditions, though. I don't think he grew up in a religious family. The environment where a person grows is very important, I think.

Faina Volper with her husband Yuri Milrud, son Alexei and family of sister Fira

From left to right, sitting: my older sister Fira (Esther-Molke) Volper and her son Boris Shurakov, I, Faina Volper and my older son Alexei. Standing: my sister's husband Cyril Shurakov and my husband Yuri Milrud. Photo made in Starokonstantinov in 1951 when we came from Chernovtsy on a visit.

Faina Volper with her father Lipe Volper and mother Rachel Volper

From left to right: I, Faina Volper, my father Lipe Volper, my mother Rachel Volper, nee Makovetskaya. Photo made in Nikopol in 1945 after we returned from evacuation.

After finishing school in 1944 I entered the Medical Institute that was in evacuation in Cheliabinsk. I was fond of chemistry at school, but I couldn't find an Institute where I could study it.

Faina Volper's with uncles families

From left to right, sitting: my father's older brother Duvid, his wife Nehoma and her nephews, Joseph, the son of my father's older brother and Leo, Duvid's younger son. Standing: my sister Fira's friend, Fira, uncle Shmil-Lobe, his daughter and I, Faina Volper. Photo made in Starokonstantinov on the occasion of my sister Fira's vacation at home in 1940 when she was a student of Kharkov Medical Institute.


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