Faina Volper Biography

Faina Volper with her friendsChernovtsy, Ukraine


Faina Volper lives alone in a two-room apartment in the center of Chernovtsy. She is a short slim woman. She has long white neatly done hair. She wears elegant clothes and makeup and looks younger than her age. She carries herself with ease. She enjoyed talking about her family and life. During the interview Faina recited poems that she remembered from her childhood and sang Jewish songs that she heard from her mother. Faina has a great sense of humor. She takes an active part in Hesed and has quite a few friends there.


Inessa Vitkina’s Uncle Haim’s family

Sons and daughters of my Uncle Haim (my cousins) and their families. From left to right (sitting in the first row): Izia (Isaak) Vitkin, Uncle Haim's son, his son Fima and his daughter Maria. Second row: Zina, Lev's wife, Yuri, Ida's son, Felix, Lev's son, and Lev, Haim's son.

I also remember Isaak (Izia), Lev and their daughter Maria - they passed away.

Inessa Vitkina’s mother Tsylia Vitkina and her friend

My mother Tsylia Vitkina, born on 25 December 1905 in Yanishki Shauliai district, Vilen region, Lithuania, and her friend. I have no information about her friend. My mother is wearing a school uniform, although she never studied at school or at cheder. My mother was younger in the family and she didn't have the opportunity to study.

Rita Vilkobrisskaya Biography

Rita Vilkobrisskaya with her husband Jacob KhonigsmannLvov, Ukraine


​Rita Vilkobrisskaya and her husband Jacob Honiksman, Professor of History, an outstanding activist of the Jewish culture, live in a beautiful spacious apartment. They don’t have any children. Everything shows that this couple dedicates most of their time to books of literature and history. The study is full of bookshelves packed with books. Rita is an educated woman and it is a pleasure to talk with her. She is a well read person and makes an impression of a person that has had a good life.



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