Leopold Brodmann

That’s my father as a young man.

My father was an actor - a great, famous actor. He really was something special. He beamed when he went on stage. He was an actor with all his heart and soul.

My parents met in Bad Hall. My father was on the stage, and my mum was sitting in the first row. For my dad, it was love at first sight. And my mum fell for him, too; he was a wonderful man.

Leopold and Franziska Brodmann together with friends at the Danube river in Vienna after the war

That’s my parents, Leopold and Franziska Brodmann, together with friends at the Danube river in Vienna after the war.

For ten years, I hadn’t heard anything from my parents. I knew that they were in Shanghai, but I didn’t receive any letters.

It wasn’t possible; we were at war. They returned to Vienna in 1947; I went back in 1954.

My father, who was still relatively young, went back to working as a sales representative for the textile industry.

Franziska Goldstaub together with her sisters Rosa and Anni in Vienna during the 1920s

That’s my mother Franziska Goldstaub (center) with her sisters, Rosa and Anni, and two suitors in a photo studio in Vienna.

Aunt Rosa lived in Vienna and got married to a Hungarian man named Desider Harsanyi. They moved to Hungary together.

We visited them in 1932, when I was nine years old. They lived on the outskirts of Budapest. I remember that we had a great time together.

Aunt Anni married Josef Lauber. It was a very unhappy marriage, so they got divorced in 1924. She re-married later in life.

Kurt Brodmann

Vienna, Rakousko

Kurt Brodmann
City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Name of Interviewer: Tanja Eckstein
Date of Interviews: October, 2002

I met Kurt Brodmann – a tall, elegant, good-looking and charming gentleman – for the first time at ESRA [1]. ESRA regularly organized coffee afternoons and many of the elderly people who attended wanted to talk about their lives. 


Bruno Bittmann

Wien, Rakousko

Bruno Bittmann 
Datum des Interviews: Juni 2004 
Name des Interviewers: Tanja Eckstein 

Bruno Bittmann empfing mich in seiner Altbauwohnung im 8. Bezirk. Er ist trotz seines Alters noch immer beruflich tätig und näher am Leben als viele Jüngere.

Die Wohnung, trotz penibler Ordnung sehr gemütlich, ist voller Bücher, die Regale reichen bis unter die Decke.

Herr Bittmann ist ein guter Gastgeber und erzählt mir mit viel Humor sein Leben.


Heinz Bischitz

Vienna, Rakousko

Interviewer: Tanja Eckstein
Date of interview: March 2003

Heinz Bischitz lives in a house owned by the Jewish Community in Vienna’s 2nd district.

I had already asked him six months ago to give me an interview, which he rejected after some consideration.

That’s why I was very surprised when I found out from ESRA that he was indeed ready to give me an interview.

Heinz Bischitz is a large, strong man with a full head of hair.



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