Rosa Rosenstein and her siblings in Bad Buckow

This is a photo of me and my siblings, lined up by age from right to left: Me, Betty, Erna, Cilly and my brother Arthur, who was twelve at the time. In our free time we spent a lot of time in nature. All my siblings were in Jewish clubs with a Zionist twist. There were German Jews who said: 'For God's sake, what are we doing there, Germany is our homeland'. But it wasn't for us, we were Poles. I was in the Jewish gymnastics club 'Bar Kochba'. That was a Jewish club, half sport, half entertainment. In summer we trained in the Grunewald, did athletics, and in winter we were in the gymnasium.
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Onsite Learning: A special approach to Generation Z

This PowerPoint offers an overview of how to create an onsite learning experience for students, what to consider as you plan, and some of the challenges you may face.

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Zahor - Erinnere dich

Konzept zum Film: Zahor – Erinnere dich
Erstellt von Ludwig Peter

Thema: Erinnerung; “Jüdisches Leben in den letzten beiden Jahrhunderten: Migration – Flucht – Vertreibung – Auswanderung“

Link zum Film:

Ziel der Einheit (mindestens 2-3 Stunden):

⇨ Jüdisches Leben als Teil deutscher Geschichte begreifen

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Jewish Life in Germany: the Erna Goldmann Story

Jewish life was part of Germany and German culture in the 19th and beginning 20th century, but disappeared with the Nazi-Regime in 1933. Using the Erna Goldmann film, From Frankfurt to Tel Aviv, this lesson teaches students about the history of Jews in Germany, Jewish religious life, Zionism, and antisemitism with the goal of conveying the idea that students learn that Jewish life should be a part of Germany. In addition, this lesson explores the concept of "home" and "homeland."

Asta Pekker’s grandfather, my mother's father, Pyotr Borisovich Shwartzman

My grandfather, my mother's father, Pyotr Borisovich Shwartzman. The picture was taken in Berlin, 1931.

I am Asta Grigorievna Pekker. I'm 72 years old. I was born in Berlin, in June 1929. I lived there for four and a half years. My parents and my grandfather and grandmother were Soviet citizens. With Hitler coming in 1933 the Soviet government called our family to Moscow at the end of the year.

My grandfather quit quietly all his official positions, and he lived and worked as if in a shadow until very old age.


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