Nikolay Schwartz ‘s brother Ernest Schwartz with his wife Ioheved

My younger brother Ernest Schwartz with his wife Ioheved. My sister Yelizaveta Klein (nee Schwartz), gave me this photograph, when we met in Budapest in 1965 for the first time after 24 years apart. My sister corresponded with my brother after World War II while I didn't know he had survived. I met with my brother later, but as for his wife, I've only seen a photo of hers. This photo was taken in Ramat Gan in Israel in 1956.

Peter Gottlieb

This is my son [Peter Gottlieb] holding a nice black cat.

The photo was taken after he had lost all his hair. He had cancer, and lost his hair, because he had to undergo chemotherapy.

The photo was taken in Israel, it is written 1995 on its back. He died in 1996.

In autumn 1948 I got married. I was in the second degree at the university.

My wife had been my classmate in high school in Nagybanya, in the last degree.


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