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    Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989
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This is a photo of me with my family. From left to right are my brother Pavol Hecht, his wife, I and my wife. Standing beside her is my brother Pavol's mother-in-law. My mother is on the right. At bottom right are my niece, and my son Peter.

We also used to go on vacations with my brother and his family. When we were on vacation in Yugoslavia in 1968 [17], news began spreading that the Russians would occupy us. We were afraid, and I think that we wouldn't even have returned from there. We had friends there, and they were inviting us to Switzerland. As our whole family was there, we were very seriously considering it. Well, but three days before they occupied us [18] we returned from the vacation. When we were at home, we had a hard time deciding what we should do. Then we stopped thinking about leaving.

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Interviewee: Bedrich Hecht
Dasa Slobodnikova
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Nitra, Slovakia


Bedrich Hecht
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State receiver

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