Antonie Militka's class photo

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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic
This class photo was taken in Brno before the war. I?m there in it somewhere too. Brno also had a Jewish nursery school, but I don?t remember anymore where exactly it was located. On Silingrovo Namesti there was a Jewish primary school. We attended it for five years. The Jewish high school was at No. 44 Hybesova Street. Today the building serves as one of the pavilions of St. Anne's Faculty Hospital in Brno. My best friend at school was named Kitty. They lived in the neighborhood of Hlinky. She and her family died in a concentration camp. We had a lot of common interests. At school we were interested in books and drawing. We liked going on outings. She attended Maccabi. My parents also supported our friendship. I used to go to their place but rarely. After school we?d do our homework together, and then she?d come to our place at Maccabi, and there we?d play with a shovel and so on. Then later I had another friend, Gustinka.

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Interviewee: Antonie Militka
Barbora Pokreis
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Brno, Czech Republic


Antonie Militka
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Czechoslovakia 1918-1938
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Office clerk
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