The Kohen family

A family picture of the Kohen family. I, Margarita, my two sons Sami [Samuil] and Ouri [Solomon] and my husband Sharlo [Shemuel]. On the photo there is a stamp of Stamenov photo studio because the photo was taken there. He was the best photographer in Plovdiv at that time. The photo was taken in 1961. At that time I was a receptionist at hospital and Sami was a student at the Law Department in Sofia. There is no inscription on the back of the photo.

Margarita, Matilda, Bouko, Bouka Selanikyo

I, my brother Bouko, my mother Bouka and my sister Matilda. She was a beauty, a heavily built woman. I’m nothing compared to her. And that’s why mum married her quickly when she was 17 years old so that she wouldn’t marry a Bulgarian because she had a lot of suitors. The photo was taken in a street in Plovdiv. The year was 1944. There is neither a stamp on the back of the photo, nor any other inscription.

Margarita Kohen (nee Selanikyo) and her husband Shemuel Samuel Kohen

This is I and my husband Sharlo Shelomo Kohen [Shemuel Samuel Kohen] a month after our wedding in 1939. I am 22, he is 32. The photo was taken in Stamenov photo - in Plovdiv in 1939. There is no other inscription on the back. There wasn’t a wedding in the synagogue but in my husband’s house because he was an atheist and my mother-in-law was paralyzed due to apoplexy. Nonetheless we had invited two rabbis. In the photo I am wearing my blue wedding dress. The bouquet belongs to a friend of mine who gave it to me for the photo because the wedding had already taken place.

Nissim Kohen in the Jewish school

This is a photo of our graduation of third junior high school grade, or present-day seventh grade - the last grade of junior high school. It was taken in 1938 in Sofia. The photo shows the commission made up of members of the Education Ministry. On the second row is my classmate Zhak Alkalay. Next to him is the teacher in geography and Bulgarian Mrs Stefanova. To her right is a member of the commission, then another member, the headmaster Dembovich, the history teacher Danon and another member of the commission.


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