Nissim Kohen’s father Mihael Kohen in the Jewish neighborhood Iuchbunar

This is a photo taken in the Jewish neighborhood Iuchbunar. At that time people sold vegetables on two-wheeled carts and the vendor passed along the streets and offered them to the people. Some people have gathered around such a cart on the photo. In the background the man with the hat, who is fifth from left to right is my father Mihael Kohen. The others are neighbors from our street. The photo was taken in 1938 in Sofia.

Nissim Kohen’s maternal grandfather Yuda Haravon, grandmother Bohora Haravon, uncle Buko Haravon and his wife Matilda

This is a photo of my maternal grandfather Yuda Haravon and his wife Bohora Haravon, who are sitting. Standing is my uncle Buko Haravon and his wife Matilda. The photo was taken in Kyustendil in 1915 or 1916. My uncle Buko is a solder in the [First] Balkan War (1912-1913) or World War I.

Nissim Kohen’s mother Sarina Kohen and sister Sofi Komfort

This is a photo of my mother Sarina Kohen (first from left) and my sister Sofi Komfort during the internment. It was taken in Dupnitsa in 1943.

My whole family - my parents, my sister and I, were interned to Dupnitsa. We had a manual sewing machine and my mother insisted to take it with us. My mother had made separate bags for everyone because we did not know what might happen - whether we would be together or not. Every family received an individual notice about the internment.


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