The wedding picture of Nissim Kohen’s uncle Isak Haravon and his wife Matilda Haravon, nee Benaryoya

The photo was made at the wedding of my uncle Isak Haravon and his wife Matilda Haravon, nee Benaroya. It was taken in Kyustendil in 1934. Mati is a teacher and Isak had a shop for electric materials and repaired electrical wirings. In 1948 they moved to Israel.

Nissim Kohen’s daughter Jana Kohen with some relatives in front of his native house

This is a photo taken in front of our house in Sofia. The windows you see are of the room in which we lived. The photo was taken in 1972. Standing on the left is Jana Geron, nee Kohen, in the middle is Sami Polikar and a nephew of my sister - Nichko Komfort. Sami graduated Russian philology and is a journalist. They are relatives of my sister's husband whose name is Rahamim Komfort. The girl below is Rina and now lives in the Netherlands.

Nissim Kohen with his cousins Roza (Hemda) Eshkenazi and Sofi Lazar

This photo shows two cousins of mine. On the right is Roza or Hemda Eshkenazi, nee Kohen, I am in the middle, and on the left is Sofi Lazar, nee Kohen. Probably the photo was made in 1927 in Sofia. Both of my cousins are children of my father's elder brother Eliyah Kohen. Sofi Kohen moved to Israel in 1938 or 1939 and she lived in the kibbutz Meselot at first, then in the kibbutz Hatsoah. She died in 1996. Roza left for Palestine in 1946 or 1947. She lived in the Meselot kibbutz and died in 2000.


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