The native house of Nissim Kohen

This is a photo of part of our yard on Gyueshevo Str. It was taken in the 1930s in Sofia. In this long house only the part around the first window is built with bricks. All the other parts are built from adobe. My paternal grandparents with their children lived in it. Later the second window, where the room of my grandmother was, was joined to the family of my parents. We lived in the rooms with the first two windows. Next comes a door and on its right lived the family of uncle Rafael Kohen.

Nissim Kohen as a volunteer in the Bulgarian army

On 9th September [1944] a group of Jews from Sofia, including me, volunteered to join 3rd Guards Regiment in Dupnitsa. On the day before we left for the front in October 1944 we decided to take that photo. I am the first from left to right, followed by David Benvenisti, who later became editor-in-chief of the year-book of the Jewish organization and Haim Levi. Sitting down are Leon Beraha and Mois Leon. Only I and Mois Levi are still alive.

Nissim Kohen and some classmates on a visit to their teacher Sofi Danon

In 1970 in Sofia I and a group of my classmates visiter a teacher of ours in geography and history. Her name was Sofi Danon. She had a sister - Franka Danon. She taught in the primary classes and Sofi taught history and geography in the junior high school grades. There are a few people on the photo. I am next to the teacher down on the first row and next to me is David Solomonov. He is a former TV and radio journalist. Behind the teacher from left to right is Yako Kohen, Rashel Beraha, Isak Ninyo, Sofka Mashiah and Asher Valadgi, who also worked in the radio.

The wedding picture of Nissim Kohen’s aunt Sofi Haravon

This is the wedding of my mother's sister Sofi Haravon. I do not know her new family name. She is in the middle, behind her is her husband, whose name I do not know. I suppose the photo was made in Kyustendil in the 1910s. As far as I know Sofi died at childbirth. They lived in Botevgrad. On the right is my mother's brother Chelebi Haravon and in front of him is his wife Buka. On the left is Mois Haravon.


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