The wedding of Aniela Margulies

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This is a photograph was taken at the wedding of  Aniela Margulies. In the middle is Aniela with her husband-to-be, and at their sides the young woman's parents. The young woman's mother was Seindl Margulies - people called her Janeta -, and her father's name was Solomon Margulies.


Solomon Margulies was my employer. I, Marim Haller, entered a job when I was 13, and I was already earning money by then. Solomon Margulies had a store where colonial products were sold, retail and wholesale - he also sold products wholesale to others who supplied themselves from him. At first, I was hired as a commercial intern - but I was paid for it. We were required by the school to complete a period of internship. And by completing my internship there, I remained employed afterwards as well, and worked as an accountant. I remained employed at this store for colonial products for a very long time. I worked at Margulies since 1929 until 1943.


The Margulies family lived in Carol Square. The Margulies store selling colonial products was downstairs, on the ground floor, and they lived on the first floor. It was located opposite the monument. [Ed. note: The monument "Major Ignat's machine gun company mounting an offensive," erected by the Botosani-born architect Horia Miclescu and inaugurated in 1929.] There was a park in Carol Square, and there were stores on both sides of it. It was still part of downtown Botosani, but it wasn't located on the main street.


Solomon Margulies had two children, a son and a daughter. The son, Lica Margulies, died on the Struma. He left to Israel and died on the ship. He was 1 year younger than me [was born in 1916]. His sister, Aniela Margulies, is also younger than me, we may be some 6-7 years apart [was born around 1920-21]. She married after World War II, at the end of the 1940's, beginning of the 1950's. The wedding took place here in Botosani, they left to Israel afterwards - she was already married when she left. She left to Israel early on, around 1950. Indeed, I have no news of her anymore.

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Emoke Major
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Botosani, Rumänien


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