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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic
This is my class photo. I?m there somewhere among those children too. The photo was taken while I was attending the Jewish high school on Hybesova Street in Brno. When I got to sit in a car, that was something new for me, because our parents didn't have one. Once in a while some family would take us to Maccabi in a car when I was small. Besides that, I was lucky that I attended Jewish elementary school on Silingr Square. My classmate Frantisek Tichy, who was from a rich Jewish family, sat beside me in school. They lived in Hlinky, and his mother would drive him to school, and also come pick him up. In the summer she?d ride in a red convertible, wearing a hat. She liked me very much. The way from Maccabi to Pisarky was in the same direction as Hlinky. A streetcar ran there, which I used to take to school on Silingr Square. Instead of Pisarky I?d go to Hlinky, and they?d already be waiting for me there, or I?d wait there for them. She always told me to come there. So I?d come to their building, and she?d come out or already be standing there. In the afternoon she?d drive me back, sometimes she?d drive me all the way to Maccabi. Those were the best experiences, I really was that spoiled by the Tichy family. Well, and Frantisek was a very talented, genial, cute boy. He attended school with me from Grade 1. Back then children didn't associate with each other, as far as girls and boys go, so he didn't talk to me. He sat beside me, but when he saw that I didn't have a green pencil crayon, he?d immediately give me one. He let me see everything he was writing, acted very friendly, but wouldn't let the other children see that he was talking to me, not at all. Imagine that it used to bother me, as I wanted to talk to him. That's stayed in me. He went from Grade 4 to high school. He was very smart, and so didn't attend Grade 5, but went directly into first year of high school. Only the smartest ones, whose parents had submitted an application and were accepted, only those got in. There were only a couple of them. They got into first year of high school right away, and when I started high school, they were already a year ahead.

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Interviewte(r): Antonie Militka
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Barbora Pokreis
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Brno, Tschechien


Antonie Militka
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Czechoslovakia 1918-1938
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Office clerk
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