Dagmar Lieblova´s parents and sister

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    Kutna Hora
    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic

This is picture of my mom, me,sister Rita and dad.

My dad was called Julius Fantl and was born in 1892 in Cimelice. He was a blue-eyed blond.

While studying medicine, he become involved in student activity against Austria and was sentenced to six months at the age of twenty-two.

He was only in prison for three years though, because there was an amnesty in 1917 when Emperor Franz Joseph died and a new emperor came along. He was a general practitioner all his life.

My mom was called Irena Fantlova and was born in Malin in 1901.

After completing her basic education, she did a cookery and sewing course. She lived in Malin and helped out in the store and with the household.

Mom was a beautiful woman. When she became sick one day, a neighbor supposedly said to her: "Young lady, why don't you go to Kutna Hora, there's a new doctor there, it's a Jew but he is a really nice person."

Dad had been given a position in Kutna Hora as a doctor at the Masaryk Institute for Social Work, as well as setting up his own practice.

This is apparently how they met, according to the family. But in fact, they actually met, I think, through a joint friend of Mr. Ohrenstein, the father of the poet Orten.

They got married in 1926 in Prague, but it wasn't a Jewish wedding.

My younger sister was called Rita Fantlova and was born in Kutna Hora in 1932. We were together a lot of the time and had a normal sibling relationship.

I was an irate child and she would sometimes tease me a bit, so I would be shaking with rage. Our parents always told me that I should be more sensible, as I was the oldest.

It annoyed me whenever they said that. In the summer and winter, when the school term was over and we had no homework to do, we used to play in the garden in front of the house.

Our parents saw to it that they didn't leave us outside. We had friends who would come round to see us, but when I was older and wanted to go out, I had to bring Rita everywhere with me, which I wasn't too keen on.

But then again, Rita wasn't too pleased about having to wear my cast-offs.

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Interviewte(r): Dagmar Lieblova
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Pavla Neuner
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Prague, Tschechien


Rita Fantlova
Kutna Hora
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concentration camp

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Dagmar Lieblova
Kutna Hora
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