Rebecca Levy with her fiance and future husband Ezra

Rebecca Levy with her fiance and future husband Ezra
  • Foto aufgenommen in:
    Bulgaria, 1878-1944
    Name des Landes heute:
    Name of the photographer / studio:
    'Photo Genbaha'
In the photo you can see Rebecca, the daughter of my mother's sister Naumi with her fiance and future husband Ezra. On the back of the photo there is an inscription in green ink: 18th August 1934. 'As a souvenir from the engaged Beka and Ezra to Zhafa Anzhel family. Here.' It was taken in a photo shop in Sofia in 1934. On the photo itself on the right there is a stamp of the photo shop in which it was taken - 'Photo Genbaha.' In Sofia Rebecca and Ezra lived on the corner of Pozitano and Opulchenska Street. Their financial situation was good. He was a hired laborer. They left for Israel in 1948.

Interview details

Interviewte(r): Leon Anzhel
Interviewt von:
Svetlana Avdala
Monat des Interviews:
Jahr des Interviews:
Sofia, Bulgarien

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