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Hana's Suitcase

This Holocaust ELA lesson for 7th or 9th grade students, addresses the following essential questions: What important factors make people leave their homeland? Do people always have a choice or rights to life safely? Does cultural assimilation still exist today in the world? Why or why not? Do we embrace or punish diversity?
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Životní příběh paní Dagmar Lieblové – 2 hodiny

Studenti byli již poučeni o základních pojmech ( židovská kultura, zvyky, tradice, dějiny Židů v naší zemi a ve světě, Židé a druhá světová válka, koncentrační tábory, perzekuce, zákazy, odpovědi na časté dotazy). Již dříve jsem vypracovala vlastní studijní materiály a pracovní listy na základě mnohaletého studia této tématiky i s využitím materiálů ze seminářů Památníku Terezín. (2 hodiny). Nyní si mají uvědomit, že za statistikou se skrývají osudy lidí dosud žijících okolo nás.

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Of Shtetls and Cities

This project is a student museum about Czech Jewry. Students research the lives of Czechoslovakian Jews between World War One and World War Two.  The Museum consists of panels dedicated to individual Czech Jews exploring one aspect of their lives; video of individual Czech Jews; historical context of both Jewish life in Czechoslovakia and of the country itself; an exhibit on personal family histories, ambience exhibits. This exhibit was open to the public, and invitations were sent out for a special gala evening for the opening of the exhibit for the entire school community.

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Centropa Ebook: Chava Pressburger

Mrs. Chava Pressburger lives in both Israel and the Czech Republic. It was in Prague, in her cozy and tastefully furnished apartment, where our interview with her took place. Mrs. Pressburger impressed me as a very educated and cultured woman; she works as an artist. I met her for the first time at the end of 2004 in a Prague bookstore, where she was signing a newly published book of diaries of her brother, Petr Ginz.
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Centropa eBook: Kurt Kotouc


Kurt Kotouc lives in a small apartment in Prague, in a pleasant neighborhood close to the city centre. Mr Kotouc is a very elegant and friendly gentleman who comes across as being calm and well-read. We did the interview in a room where one wall was covered in books; the focus of many of the volumes was visual art.



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The Mahler Trail

The famous composer Gustav Mahler


(Gustav Mahler, 7 July 1860 – 18 May 1911)

The years 2010 and 2011 mark a memorable double anniversary for the great conductor and composer Gustav Mahler -- 150 years since his birth in an out-of-the-way Czech village and 100 years since his untimely death in Vienna at the age of 50.

Mahler conducted in great cities all over Europe -- among them Hamburg, Budapest, Prague, Leipzig, London, Moscow and, most notably, Vienna, where he directed the Court Opera for 10 years.

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