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History of Holocaust Final Exam Project

This final exam project culminates a semester of study and storytelling about Jewish life in Central Europe and the Holocaust that started with students presenting their own stories in picture collages, viewing Centropa films, and now creating films about Holocaust survivors. Using Centropa’s database, students choose one Centropa interviewee to research, reading the entire interview, viewing all of their photographs, reading Study Guide articles for historical context and other background.

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World History Class Centropa Exam

This is a Centropa final exam for  10th grade students. The students will use interviews and albums. There have already been several steps along the path--this is the destination.

This exam will enable the students to use the Centropa interviews to connect the concepts they have studied to the lives of Jewish families who lived in Europe in the 20th century. To amplify their discussions of these concepts, they will also use additional sources to complete the final exam project.

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