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Diary and Memoir Project

An interdisciplinary lesson is designed to expose students to important responses to historical and social events and enable students to explore the following statement of inquiry: In times of social crisis man seeks meaning and value in his life through expression. This lesson uses Centropa’s film Return to Rivne, among other primary sources, and was designed for distance learning.
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Three Promises: Personal Stories as Historical Material

This lesson plan uses group work, creative writing, and multimedia to teach subjects including History, Literature, Civics, Social and Political Education, Philosophy, Language etc. It is also useful in discussions about multiculturalism, war and peace, the Second World War, crimes against humanity, genocide and holocausts (e.g. the Jewish Holocaust), modern European history, moral and ethical issues, struggle for survival, etc.

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History of Holocaust Final Exam Project

This final exam project culminates a semester of study and storytelling about Jewish life in Central Europe and the Holocaust that started with students presenting their own stories in picture collages, viewing Centropa films, and now creating films about Holocaust survivors. Using Centropa’s database, students choose one Centropa interviewee to research, reading the entire interview, viewing all of their photographs, reading Study Guide articles for historical context and other background.

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Storytelling and Filmmaking to Remember Holocaust Survivors

In this project Jewish middle/high school students explore Jewish life in Europe, the Holocaust, and post-war immigrant life in America through the experiences of local Holocaust survivors from Central or Eastern Europe.  The students take primary source material from the survivors’ oral history testimonies and combine that with background historical study.  They use this material to create short films telling the life stories of the survivors before, during, and after the Holocaust.  Essentially, students perform the work of historians in transforming the raw data of h

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