Nikolay Schwartz

This is me during my studies in the industrial school in Moravska Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. I sent one of these photos to my family in Sevlyush for the memory. I had this photograph with me, when I was in a Hungarian work battalion. Even when I was in the camps for prisoners-of-war in Usman and then in Voronezh, they didn't take it away from me. This photo was taken in Moravska Ostrava in 1935.

With my daughter on a bench

This is a picture of me, Alexander Singer, with my daughter.

The photo was taken at the beginning of the 1950s, in Jablonec nad Nisou, where we lived at the time.

In 1947 I took out a classified ad in the papers: "Clerk with knowledge of French and German with a talent for business looking for employment." I of course didn't have any business experience.

At most, that I'd worked for three months in one export company. It was only a tiny little company, about four employees.

Irena Wygodzka with her sister Jadzia Mendelson one day after the liberation of the Oberaltstadt camp

This is a picture of me with my younger sister Jadzia (Jadwiga) taken in the labor camp in Horejsi Stare Mesto (Oberaltstadt), one day after the liberation of the camp.

I was at the camp with my mother and sisters until the end of the war. And we all survived. My sisters worked very hard at that camp. Even the little one, Jadzia, she had to push these heavy carts with the cotton spools, she cleaned the toilets.

Anna Lorencova with her brother Hanus Hron and his wife

This is a picture of my brother Hanus Hron (nee Weinstein), me and my brother’s wife. It was taken in Telc in 2002. We used to go there often because Telc is close to Palupin.

Our family estate in Palupin was put under state control by the communists in 1948 and about seven to eight different owners alternated there with varied focuses of interest, from breeding ducks to breeding bulls.

Vera Schulzova and Arnost Schulz

This is a picture of my uncle Arnost Schulz and his wife Vera Schulzova, nee Hellerova. The photo was taken in the 1930s.

My grandparents' only son, Uncle Arnost, was born in 1898; he was the second oldest of the siblings. He graduated from an agricultural school in Ceske Budejovice and took charge of the estate after my granddad's death.

My grandmother transferred half of the estate over to him and kept the other half. He married Aunt Vera Hellerova, a Jewess from an estate in Zalesany.

Berta Schulzova and one of her children

This is a picture of my maternal grandmother Berta Schulzova, nee Kohnova and one of her children.

I don’t know who of my mom’s siblings it is. The photo was taken in Plana in the 1900s.

My grandmother was born in 1875, probably in Konstantinovy Lazne, where her family lived. I can't remember my granddad. His name was Arnold Schulz; he was born in 1865 and died in 1928 in Palupin.

Anny Pernerova and Walter Perner

This is a picture of my aunt Anny Pernerova, nee Schulzova and her husband Walter Perner, taken on their wedding day sometime in the 1930s. I don’t know where the photo was taken, and I think they didn’t have a Jewish marriage.

Aunt Anny was born in 1897 and was the eldest of the Schulz children.

Her husband Walter was an engineer and also, of course, a Jew. Aunt Anny was an extremely beautiful woman.

They had two children, Pavel, who was born in 1923, and Kamila, born in 1926. Kamila, who they also called Mimi and Mimuska, was the cousin I got on best with.

Anna Lorencova, Hanus Hron and their cousins

This is a picture of me, my brother Hanus Hron, nee Weinstein and our cousins.

The photo was taken in Palupin in 1929.

First from the left is my cousin Pavel Perner, then me and my brother, the girl sitting is our cousin Kamila Pernerova and the small boy is Tomas Klein.

My grandparents on my mother’s side lived on an estate in Palupin, which is a village at the end of the Czech-Moravian highlands, about 20 kilometers from Jindrichuv Hradec.


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