Rozalia Hechtova

This is a photograph of my mother from 1949.

My mother was born in 1893 in Preselany. My father was born in Svrbice. Both of them attended the high schools there. My mother had girls' school, and my father agricultural school. Their mother tongue was Slovak, as in Svrbice people didn't speak anything else but Slovak. They also spoke German and Hungarian. Like my grandparents, they also made a living by farming.

In front of Markus Polak’s store in Kokava nad Rimavicou

This photograph was taken around 1938 - 1939, in Kokava nad Rimavicou. My grandfather Markus Polak is third from the left, my mother, Klara Engelova, is standing on the left, first on the left is Aunt Melania, and standing beside her is my grandmother Anna Polakova.

My grandfather in Kokava had a store with various goods, mixed goods as it was called back then. Their standard of living was relatively bearable, decent for the times. They didn’t have problems making a living.


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