Wedding of Irena and Alexander Ehrenreich

This wedding photo was taken at the end of the 1920, and shows my mother's sister, Irena Ehrenreichova, and her husband, Alexander. The wedding took place in Bratislava. The newlyweds then moved to the town of Sahy. They had two children, a daughter, Stela, and a son, Richard. Besides Mr. Ehrenreich, none of them survived the war.

Grandfather Heinrich

This is a photo of my grandfather, Heinrich F., at the beginning of the 1930s.

My grandfather was already in his golden years. I met him only a few times, because Dunajska Streda, to which Nyarasd belonged, was taken over by Hungary during the war. My grandfather, like his children, was completely modern, including his observance of religious customs. The family observed mainly the holidays. During holidays they would visit the synagogue in Dunajska Streda. My grandfather didn't survive the war.

Fleischmann Henrich

This is a picture of me, Henrich F., in 1930.

I was born, as my parents' first child, in 1928. They named me Henrich, or informally Harry. Several years later, on 28th February 1935, my brother, Siegfrid, was born. My brother and I got along very well. He was an agreeable kid. But we didn't get to enjoy very much fun and games outside, because the anti-Jewish laws [5] began coming out, so we mostly stayed inside.


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