A trip to Zelezna Studnicka

This photo was taken on 28th April 1935, during our trip to Zelezna Studnicka. From right to left, it shows me, Henrich F., then my brother Siegfrid, my mother Helen, my father Henrich, and our neighbors at the time, Mrs. and Mr. Tojan. The photo was taken in front of the Klepac Restaurant.

In 1934 we moved from Zuckermandel to Vidrica, where we lived on the first floor. My parents got to know our neighbor, Mr. Tojan, who had a barber shop in Dlha Street.

Grandma Jolana Schwartz with her daughters

This photo shows my grandmother Jolana Schwartz with her daughters. Theoretically, I should be able to name them all. The first on the right is Greta, then Iren (Irena). The baby in my grandma's arms is Zelma. The smaller girl on my grandmother's right is Roza, and standing above her is my mother, Helena.

My mother's family was from Bratislava. They were natives of Bratislava. Grandma Jolana was a seamstress. She sewed for clients, but also for her friends and family.

Out for a walk

This picture was taken in the 1930s in the Janek Kral Orchard, in Petrzalka (today part of Bratislava). The tallest man in the photograph is my father, Julius F. Standing on his right is my mother, Helena, née Schwartz. Beside my mother is her sister Bella with her husband. Aunt Bella was childless and worked in a fashion store in Bratislava. I don't know who the people on my father's left are.

Bedrich Hecht's parents

This is a photograph of my parents from 1943.

My mother was born in 1893 in Preselany. My father was born in Svrbice. Both of them attended the high schools there. My mother had girls' school, and my father agricultural school. Their mother tongue was Slovak, as in Svrbice people didn't speak anything else but Slovak. They also spoke German and Hungarian. Like my grandparents, they also made a living by farming.

Bedrich Hecht as a child, with his brother

This is a photograph of my and my brother Pavol, when I was a year or two old. The photograph is from 1925 or 1926.

My brother and I didn't have a bad childhood. We got along well. I have to say that he was a different type from me. He wasn't interested in farming, he was more of a fun-loving type. During the summer he was more often at our aunt's in Hungary, and he attended school, high school, in Bratislava. We got along well, and also survived [the war] together.

The Pagac family, Mr. F.'s saviors

This is a picture of the Pagac family at the beginning of the 1940s. I have this family to thank for the fact that I was saved. Sitting in the bottom row, from right to left, is Mrs. Pagacova. Standing above her is her husband, Mr. Pagac. Sitting on Mrs. Pagac's right is little Lacko, and Mr. Pagac's brother. Standing in the top row from left to right is Tibor Pagac, and the wife of Mr. Pagac's brother.


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