The Weissenstein family

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    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
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    Czech Republic

This is my oldest family photograph. It was taken in Nachod sometime between the years 1906 and 1910. On the far right is my grandfather, Adolf Weisstein, whom I never knew, because he died before I was born. The only thing that I know about him is that he was a tailor. In the middle, beside my grandfather is my mother's brother, Otto Weissenstein, who was born in Nachod in 1894. I remember Uncle Otto, when I was in Nachod a couple of times, he would always bring me candy. My mother, Ella Wernerova (nee Weissenteinova), is that tiny little girl in a white dress in the center. My grandmother Pavla Weissensteinova (nee Pollakova) is standing at the far left. 


My grandma was born on 17th November 1868 in Nachod, where she also lived her entire life. I remember that my grandmother was ill, she suffered from heart disease, I recall that she had spots on her arms from leeches that were applied to the body, to lower the patient's blood pressure. I remember by grandma very foggily, the only thing that's remained is the impression that she was ill and that her arms were purple from the application of leeches. From photographs I know that we used to visit her, but I really otherwise don't remember, I was very little.


My mother was born on 4th May 1905 in Nachod. She had an older brother, Otto Weissenstein, who was born on 1st March 1894 in Nachod. Uncle Otto had this magical box, which when it was opened in some fashion, always contained a candy. I've always loved sweets, which is something that has stayed with me, so I remember this impression very well. Every time he saw me, which wasn't that often, he always had that candy box with him. 


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Interjúalany: Pavel Werner
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Dagmar Greslova
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Prague, Cseh Köztársaság


Weissenstein Pavla
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Ország neve a fénykép készültekor::
Austria-Hungary pre 1918
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before WW II
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