Matilda Levi in Vienna

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    Austria, 1918-1938
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This picture was taken in 1940 in Sofia. The man who is next to me was the man I was dating when I studied at the university. He was my boyfriend. His name was Aron Mushieh.

After I graduated, I left for Paris. My mother laughed because I didn't know French. I spoke only German; I had studied it in high school. I began learning French in Paris. There was a three-month course called 'Pantheon' where I began learning French. I studied really hard; I had really good written French. When I came back, the fact that I could speak French didn't help me at all.

In Sofia I had a good company of girls, friends of mine. They were all Jews. All of them were university graduates: engineers, dentists, etc., and we had all been friends since our high school years. I met my husband, Nisim Levi, in that company. He was the only one in that circle who had graduated in medicine, and who was sent to different villages all the time. We used to write to each other regularly. It was like that for three or four years; we were always separated, up and down the country. He was a Komsomol worker in the villages of Kesarevo, Kilifarevo, and Dobromirka. He was enthusiastic about the Komsomol work. He continued his work in the villages after 9th September 1944 and then he was sent to Sofia. He started working here. We got married in 1945. Civil marriages before the registrar were introduced then.

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Violeta Kyurdyan
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Matilda Levi
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Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation
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