Ida Hahn

Ida Hahn
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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic
This is my grandmother on mother's side Ida Hahn in Luhacovice. The photo was taken in 1931, the year my grandmother died. My grandmother was a housewife and there was no need for her to work since my grandfather, her husband Julius Hahn, was the manager of a clothing store which was a branch of the M. Neuman Clothing Company of Vienna. But she helped out; next to doing the housework, she sat at the cash register. They worked a lot in the business. They closed every evening at seven. On Saturday and Sunday, they opened at eight and closed at twelve. They worked very, very much. I have to say that she was very, very strict. It was quite common then that every grandchild had to regularly visit Grandmother. And each of us was supposed to ask how she was doing. That is, not just to greet her by saying ?I kiss your hand" but actually kiss her hand. And only then she would let us go. We had to do this every blessed day, and we did it. The Bratislava grandma was very strict, even with herself. If I think back on all those years, I realize that's why we didn't like her so much. It's true, she really looked out for us, and directed her daughters on how to raise children, how strictly. Of course, today I see that it wasn't such a bad method of upbringing.

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Interjúalany: Katarina Lofflerova
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Martin Korcok
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Bratislava, Szlovákia


Ida Hahn
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before WW II
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