Toman Brod with his brother and governess out for a walk

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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic

This photograph was taken in 1937 on Palacky Bridge in Prague.

This one photographer who used to photograph passers-by used to wander around on this bridge, they could then buy the pictures from him. On the photo are our governess, I and my brother Hanus.

The place where the photograph was taken is not far from our home, at that time we lived on Palackeho Nabrezi.

The building that can be seen on the right side doesn't stand there today, it was bombed during air raids on Prague during the war. Now in its place stands the famous Dancing House.

Back then it was customary for families to have a governess whose job it was to take care of the children: walk them to school, take them on walks, help them with homework...

We had several governesses, this one, that's on the photo, was German. We got along well with her, especially when she didn't speak German to us in front of our friends.

In those days German was the language of the enemy and we expressly forbade her to use it in front of our friends.

So on this photo we're going for a walk on the bridge, and the governess is saying to us, come on boys, don't fight, there's a photographer!

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Lenka Kopřivová
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Praha, Cseh Köztársaság


Toman Brod
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