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History of Holocaust Final Exam Project

This final exam project culminates a semester of study and storytelling about Jewish life in Central Europe and the Holocaust that started with students presenting their own stories in picture collages, viewing Centropa films, and now creating films about Holocaust survivors. Using Centropa’s database, students choose one Centropa interviewee to research, reading the entire interview, viewing all of their photographs, reading Study Guide articles for historical context and other background.

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Every Photo tells a Story: A Project about Franziska Smolka

When engaging students with history in general, and with the history of National Socialism and the Holocaust in particular, teachers should not limit themselves to how European Jews died during the Holocaust, but should also concentrate on how they lived.

In this lesson plan, Ulrike Lackner uses Centropa’s approach and concentrates on the story of Franziska Smolka. First, she show the video 10 Years in 4 minutes (centropa.org) to illustrate what Centropa is and how Centropa works.

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