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Jewish Life in Germany: the Erna Goldmann Story

Jewish life was part of Germany and German culture in the 19th and beginning 20th century, but disappeared with the Nazi-Regime in 1933. Using the Erna Goldmann film, From Frankfurt to Tel Aviv, this lesson teaches students about the history of Jews in Germany, Jewish religious life, Zionism, and antisemitism with the goal of conveying the idea that students learn that Jewish life should be a part of Germany. In addition, this lesson explores the concept of "home" and "homeland."
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Die Rosinen meines Lebens - Herbert Lewin

Für diesen Arbeitsauftrag sollten Sie sich bereits mit dem Entstehen und der Geschichte Mitteleuropas in der Klasse ein wenig auseinandergesetzt haben. Dabei werden Sie schnell feststellen, wie unterschiedlich diese Zeit von unterschiedlichen Klassenkolleg/innen und ihren Familien wahrgenommen wurde. Einen guten Überblick gibt der Film „Eine Reise durch die Geschichte Mitteleuropas“. Diesen Film finden Sie entweder auf der Homepage www.centropa.org oder direkt in Youtube unter dem Filmnamen.

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School Tableau Project

It is a Austro-Hungarian tradition for schools to take group photographs of graduating classes, and post them in shops around town and throughout the school for everyone to take pride in. If your school have tableaux or a yearbook of a class that graduated a few generations earlier, you may have a great project at hand. In this project, your students will choose one tableau to research by finding the people in the class, contacting and interviewing them, and making a film based on what they found. The focus of the questions is up to you.

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