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Analyzing a Centropa Film

Students watch films all the time.  But do they think about how a good story is told through film?  To get your students to think about how filmmakers tell stories through film, they will watch one Centropa film several times, each time analyzing a different aspect of its construction: story, structure and film techniques.  Centropa films are perfect for this activity – they are engaging, short and use creative methods to tell stories through narrative, images and sound.

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CJN Video Competition

As some of you already know, for the first time CJN announces an international student competition based on cross-border projects that were developed during our CJN seminars for EU Jewish schools. These border-jumping projects will connect your students with Jewish students in other countries (including also Jewish schools in the US and in Israel), and they will add to their knowledge base on Jewish life and culture, history, gastronomy, doing research, or the art of storytelling.


Students have to make a 5-10 minute video choosing one from the four topics below:

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