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Centropa képe

Exhibition: A century of Jewish culture or “We are all the same by the different ways”

The main theme:

(1) To bring a different culture to the students by showing them that it is not so much different.

(2) The secondary theme is an exhibition management – creating and realization of the exhibition (studying, design and guiding).

Centropa képe

Of Shtetls and Cities

This project is a student museum about Czech Jewry. Students research the lives of Czechoslovakian Jews between World War One and World War Two.  The Museum consists of panels dedicated to individual Czech Jews exploring one aspect of their lives; video of individual Czech Jews; historical context of both Jewish life in Czechoslovakia and of the country itself; an exhibit on personal family histories, ambience exhibits. This exhibit was open to the public, and invitations were sent out for a special gala evening for the opening of the exhibit for the entire school community.

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