Adela Geller

Adela Geller
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This is a photo of Adela, my youngest daughter, who is standing on the right side of Rabbi Lerner. The photo was taken in 1971 in Arad, on Purim. We have two daughters, who were born in Arad: Iudit was born in 1951, and Adela in 1956. Iudit graduated from the dental techniques school in Arad. She observed the Christian holidays as well, because she grew up under the influence of her grandmother, my wife's mother. Adela, on the other hand, was very fond of me. I never influenced her. Adela also went to the talmud torah classes. We observed both Christian and Jewish holidays at home, together. The girls didn't have any problems because they were half Jewish. Adela even bragged about it. I didn't talk to them much about my time in Uzbekistan. I didn't want to influence them in any way. Adela married an engineer from Gheogheni, Geza Geller, in 1984. Adela graduated from the Faculty of Stomatology in Cluj and she lives in Gheorgheni, Harghita County, where she's a stomatologist. Geza's father was in Auschwitz, but he came back; he died about two years ago [approximately in 2002]. Adela and Geza met in Cluj. He studied electrotechnics and they met at the Jewish canteen. They got married in 1984 in the Orthodox synagogue in Arad, and Rabbi Neumann from Timisoara came to officiate the wedding.

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Arad, Romania


Adela Geller
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Dental technician
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