Adolf Maly

Adolf Maly
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    Czech Republic
This is a photo of me. I was born in 1916 in Biel as Karol Friedman. Later I changed my name to Adolf Maly. During the war, I was in Theresienstadt. After World War II, I spent some time in Prague. The story of my classmates, from our school in 1926, is a sad and touching one. My schoolmate Alexander Gottsegen was killed in a concentration camp. His sister Adele also was killed in a concentration camp. My friend Irenka Rosenfeld was killed in a concentration camp, too. Julia Katz survived the Holocaust in Auschwitz. She emigrated and died in the USA. Our teacher was Bela Nagy. He was a good friend, a great teacher and used to play violin for us. My sister Eta was killed by Hungarian soldiers at the age of 22.

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Interviewee: Adolf Maly
Edward Serotta
Kosice, Slovakia


Adolf Maly
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