Albert Benvinisti

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This is my brother Albert Benvinisti in Jafo, Israel in the 1960s. He got married to his wife Christina in Sofia and they went to Israel after that. They spent 13 years there and got the Israeli citizenship. My older brother studied up to the fourth grade at the Jewish school In Plovdiv. He started to work as a laborer in shops and warehouses from a young age; he worked in a shop and after that, he left for Israel in 1948. He fixed himself nicely there - he works in an Israeli company dealing with machine production. Albert got married in Bulgaria, lived in Israel for 13 years, and then came back to Bulgaria again. He is a Bulgarian citizen at the moment, but he lives in Israel most of the time. He travels to Bulgaria often because of his work and sometimes stays here for a couple of months. He earns more money in Israel. He has also worked as a truck driver in Bulgaria, gathering left-overs from restaurants and transporting them to some farm.

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Interviewee: Rebeca Assa
Dimitar Bozhilov
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Sofia, Bulgaria


Albert Benvinisti
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Manual laborer
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Businessman, Retail merchant

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