Anna Czitrom

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    Austria-Hungary, pre 1918
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    Lajos Incze

This is my sister Anna Czitrom [nee Molnar]. I suppose they sent this photo as a picture postcard, the addressees are Nandor Friedenthal and his wife.

Aunt Gizella, the wife of Nandor Friedenthal was the sister of my father [Albert Molnar].

After my mother’s [Regina Molnar, nee Feder] death they adopted my sister.

The message on the postcard: "Souvenir, Nagyborosnyo, 1st of May 1914. Annuska at the age of 2 and a quarter".

My sister, Annus was born in 1912. She finished primary school in Nagyborosnyo.

But in Nagyborosnyo the school had only six grades, and after that she finished four years of higher elementary school here in Sepsiszentgyorgy, in the Miko [Szekely Miko Colleague], and she stayed at grandma [Franciska Feder].

My sister got married in 1932, my brother-in-law is called Feri Citrom, Ferenc.

They lived in Brasso, then [after World War II] they asked for permit to go [to emigrate] to Israel.

Everybody who wanted to go was allowed to leave. And Jews were running from Romania.

Just a very few stayed. Well, just Sepsiszentgyorgy had more than 300 Jewish inhabitants.

They gave [passports] to everybody, to Jews who wanted to leave forever, well, everything was left to them [to the Romanian state], each of them had a house, you couldn't find a Jew who didn't have one.

And on top of it all, it was a demand that it [the house] had to be renovated completely.

The Romanian state accepted the gift only if it was perfectly arranged, everything painted, doors and windows, the floor, everything.

Here my brother-in-law was a tradesman, but in Israel - since he didn't speak Hebrew - he was the aid of a butcher from Romania, he was carving the meat.

My sister died in February 1999 in Israel.

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Interviewee: Alice Kosa
Emoke Major
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Sepsiszentgyorgy, Romania


Anna Czitrom
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Austria-Hungary pre 1918
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after WW II
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