At the colonnade in Karlovy Vary

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    Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989
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    Czech Republic
This picture was taken at the colonnade in Karlovy Vary in the 1950s, and shows my father, Heinrich Galik, born Goldberger, with his second wife, Eda Galikova, née Kleinova. My father moved to Karlovy Vary still in the year 1945. He decided to do so because of his friend, Mrs. Katzova. She had friends in Karlovy Vary, the Kleinman family. My father came here imagining that he'd rent a guesthouse. Basically everyone left for Karlovy Vary imagining that they'd do well. I joined them at the beginning of the spring of 1946. I lived with my father. After all, we got along well. My father got a job in a spa. First he was in the oxygen shop, where they filled oxygen tanks. Then he became an accommodation officer at the head office. He stayed there until retirement. As a pensioner he worked as an inspector in the colonnade. Basically he walked around there all day, from morning to evening, and watched over things. After the war, my father also got married. He married a woman by the name of Eda Kleinova. She was from Subcarpathian Ruthenia. Edina's sister lived in Prague with her husband. The four of them decided to buy a house in Prague together. My father and his wife lived upstairs, and his brother-in-law and his wife lived downstairs. We of course used to visit them, about two or three times a year. My father died in Prague in 1978. His second wife died as well, about ten years after my father.

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Interviewee: Alexander Gajdos
Martin Korcok
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Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic


Heinrich Galik
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Traveling salesman
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Eda Galikova
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No information
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after WW II

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