Dagmar Lieblova

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    CSSR, 1948 - 1989
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    Czech Republic

This picture was made at the conference called Problems of translating and interpreting. The conference was put on by Charles University in Prague.

After returning home from sanatorium in 1948, I decided that I should study because I hadn't even finished my elementary school education. First of all I went to English lessons and then I resumed my piano lessons.

During the next year I started to prepare for entrance exams for high school, so I would have a proper education.

The professor friend of my father's became my guardian and gave me support. But he wasn't too keen when said that I wanted to continue with my studies.

I was quite stubborn, though, so I managed to complete my high school education after many difficulties and got a place at the Arts Faculty of Charles University in Prague, where I studied German and Czech. I was given a full disability pension at the time.

I found a place at a high school in Caslav, where I taught German from 1956. In the meantime, my husband Petr finished his studies and got a job at the Mathematics Institute in Prague.

In 1960 Petr was offered a job in Dubna near Moscow, so we went there with our children. In the meantime, I got a place at a language school and promised that I would be back at the beginning of the school year.

So I returned with my children in August 1961 and Petr came back for Christmas. In 1965 we went to Ghana, as the Mathematics Institute offered Petr a job teaching mathematics at the university there.

We stayed for three beautiful years in Africa. I taught German there and, for a while, Russian. Our children did not go to school for the first year, as I taught them at home. Zuzana went to the first grade, Rita to the fourth.

We then moved to the university campus, and then they went to a school that was for university staff. We returned to Czechoslovakia in the summer of 1968.

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Interviewee: Dagmar Lieblova
Pavla Neuner
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Prague, Czech Republic


Dagmar Lieblova
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Kutna Hora
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