Dagmar Lieblova celebrates birthday

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This is me, my husband and the family. It was during my studies that I met my future husband, Petr Liebl.

He was born in Ceske Budejovice in 1935 and his parents were a mixed couple.

Towards the end of the war his mom was incarcerated in Hagibor and Terezin and his dad was sent to the Postoloprty labor camp. I knew Petr from our cousin Lilly, who I went to see after the war. We got married in October 1955.

At present I am the chairperson of the Terezin Initiative. As a Holocaust survivor, I go to various meetings that I am invited to.

Recently, for example, I was in Hamburg, which was hosting a new exhibition on subsidiary camps, so I found myself in places that I had been during the war.

I often attend talks in Terezin with students from the Czech Republic and Germany. I also travel to Germany a lot, because the Friends of Terezin Association is based in Lower Saxony.

For many years I also worked at the local branch of the Association of Freedom Fighters.

I was also chairperson of the Commission of the Swiss Fund for Needy Holocaust Victims and am now on the Appeals Commission for slave and forced laborers within the framework of the Czech-German Future Fund.

I have never forgotten that I am Jewish. My children, too, have always known. It has always been taken for granted in our family.

My children were not brought up in a Jewish way, because I myself had not actually had such an upbringing, but they are very interested in Jewishness.

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Pavla Neuner
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Prague, Czech Republic


Dagmar Lieblova
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Kutna Hora
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Petr Liebl
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Ceske Budejovice
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