Erna Kolbova with her mother-in-law

Erna Kolbova with her mother-in-law
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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic
This is a picture of my aunt Erna Kolbova and her mother-in-law. The photo was probably taken in Prague at the end of the 1930s. Erna's husband's parents were both Jewish. My mother had a sister, Erna, and a brother, Rudolf. Erna was two years younger, was childless but married, her husband was named Oskar Kolb. Oskar was a Jew and worked as the director of a distillery. Aunt Erna was a housewife. Each Sunday my grandfather and I would pick up my Uncle Oskar and go to the cemetery to visit my grandmother, and on the way back we would have a mid-morning snack at my aunt's and would then continue on home for dinner. I remember that Aunt Erna had a dog. I don't think that Erna and Oskar were particularly religious, but for sure they at least went to synagogue for the high holidays. Oskar died before the transports; Erna was transported to Terezin in the fall of 1942, and that same year further on, to the concentration camp Maly Trostinec, where she was shot.

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Interviewee: Ruth Goetzová
Pavla Neuner
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Prague, Czech Republic


Erna Kolbova
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Maly Trostinets
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Maly Trostinets
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Jewish Museum in Prague
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