Eva Duskova at a ball

Eva Duskova at a ball
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    Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989
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    Czech Republic
This photograph of me is evidently from a dance or ball. I also used to go to student balls a lot, they were on an excellent level. The photo was taken in Litomysl in 1948. Today dances are formally the same as back then, but not content-wise. Here in Prague, last year, I attended dances with my granddaughter, it was group of people - I don't want to call it a society - who didn't know each other at all, while we, there in that small town, all knew each other. They were only student dances, and so we were a uniform society and one could say a good society. As far as I can remember, we used to go to dances once a week, but how long they lasted, I don't know any more. In Prague I then used to go to balls with a group of friends. Because my husband doesn't dance. He did participate in dances, and several times in fact, but only as a piano player. He's a complete anti-talent when it comes to dancing.

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Interviewee: Eva Dušková
Zuzana Strouhová
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Prague, Czech Republic


Eva Dušková
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Jewish Museum in Prague
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