Eva Duskova the skater

Eva Duskova the skater
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    Czechoslovakia, 1918-1938
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    Czech Republic
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    Viktor Frey
This photograph of me was taken in the winter, most likely in 1938. It's also taken in front of the gazebo in our garden, and was probably taken by my father, Viktor Frey. Besides languages, I also devoted myself to sports quite a bit, but back then there weren't any sports clubs. Before the war I used to go to Sokol. But I never participated in any rally. I skied, skated, sledded, swam and so on. In Litomysl people used to go skating on a pond not far from Anita Frankova's house. So we used to go skating together. I never skied in the mountains; my parents didn't ski, so we never went. But in Litomysl there was this hill that they used to call Fejtak, or Fejt Hill. Back then it seemed awfully huge to me, but today I maybe wouldn't even notice it. What's more, it may not even be there any more, various changes have been made there. And it was on this hill that children in Litomysl used to go skiing.

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Interviewee: Eva Dušková
Zuzana Strouhová
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Prague, Czech Republic


Eva Dušková
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Jewish Museum in Prague
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