Fried Pavel with fellow scouts

Fried Pavel with fellow scouts
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    Czechoslovakia, 1945-1989
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    Czech Republic
This photo was taken in the year 1947 at a scout camp in Janomerice in Moravia. It shows the scout troop leaders. First on the left am I. Lying beside me is Karel Vrana. In the middle is Honza, on his right lies a boy whose name I don't remember. First on the right is Karel. In the evening we camped by the stream Rokytna. That evening rain was pouring down. The stream overflowed its banks and flooded our whole camp. For the kids though it was more entertainment than something to be afraid of. I became a scout in 1946. There were regular weekly meetings and on Sundays we went on trips. Our scout troop numbered between 20 and 30. We learned to make a fire, cook, and track and did all sorts of other activities. At Easter, when we had more days off, the camp leaders, among whom I later belonged as well, would go off to find a suitable summer campsite. They had to discuss with farmers and forest rangers where we would be allowed to camp out. It wasn't that hard to negotiate with them because they also benefited from us. In the summer we would help in the fields or clear brush in the forest. In exchange we got fed.

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Interviewee: Pavel Fried
Martin Korcok
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Brno, Czech Republic


Pavel Fried
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Jewish community employee

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